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Camino Real Naturalists
And Historical Interpreters


Life In Colonial New England

American History Comes Alive
As Costumed Historical Interpreters
Take Students Back Through
The Pages Of History
To The Year 1750

What was life like in a small New England village then?

Students will find out as they become guests in Mistress Anne Seawall's keeping room,
and village schoolmaster Mr. Nathan Davenport's colonial class room.

Program will focus on and include:

  • Home and social life

  • The Colonial classroom

  • Colonial occupations and trade

  • Tinsmithing

  • Printing and Stenciling

  • Cleaning and carding wool

  • Corn husk dolls

  • Dried fruit garlands

Cost is $260.00 per class of up to 35 students if the program is presented to more than one class on the same day.
The cost for a single program for one class is $365.00.

For bookings and rapid response PLEASE EMAIL KAREN AT:
for the program you would like, the prefered date and number of students per program
ex: Blue Dolphin Oct 15 2016, 25 students, Gold Rush March 15 2017, 35 students etc.
Thank you , Karen Kennedy

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