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Blue Dolphin Days

Scott O'Dell's ClassicBook,
"Island Of The Blue Dolphins",
Has Been Read By Countless
Students Everywhere!

This program has been designed to give students a hands-on understanding
of how difficult it must have been for the stories heroine "Karana" to survive by herself
alone on San Nicholas Island.

Program activities will focus on bringing the book to life,
and will include:

  • Plank conoe construction

    • Sanding

    • Painting

    • Assembling

  • Crafting plant material into cordage

  • Trying to make fire with fire drills

  • Survival Scavenge (*If the program is held at the beach)

In addition students will have the opportunity to look at authentic tools and a replica island shelter.
The plants and animals of the Channel Islands will also be discussed.

Teachers continue to tell us that the program works equally well as an introduction or as a wrap-up to the reading of the book.

*This 90 minute program can be presented
at your school, or on the oceans edge at
Leo Carillo, Ventura, or Carpenteria
State Beaches.

Cost is $225.00 per class of up to 35 students if the program is presented to more than one class on the same day. The cost for a single program for one class is $350.00

For bookings and rapid response PLEASE EMAIL KAREN AT:
for the program you would like, the prefered date and number of students per program
ex: Blue Dolphin Oct 15 2016, 25 students, Gold Rush March 15 2017, 35 students etc.
Thank you , Karen Kennedy

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