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Camino Real Naturalists
And Historical Interpreters


The Natural World
Of The Chumash

Chumash village life comes alive for your students in this hands-on experience.
Program focus will be on the Chumash use of natural materials, and will include the following activities:

  • Acorn grinding

  • Fire drills

  • Making Pictograph "rock" necklaces

  • Tasting plants used for food,
    and learning about their medicinal uses

  • Singing and playing authentic
    Chumash musical intruments

  • Stone bowl manufacturing

  • Making string from plant material

Cost is $6.50 per student if the program is presented to more than one class on the same day. The cost for a single program for one class is $350.00.

For bookings and rapid response PLEASE EMAIL KAREN AT:
for the program you would like, the prefered date and number of students per program
ex: Blue Dolphin Oct 15 2016, 25 students, Gold Rush March 15 2017, 35 students etc.
Thank you , Karen Kennedy

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